Casa Genotta’s proximity to the water provided O’Neill opportunity for cast surfing, swimming, kayaking and strolling on the beach. A playwright in the morning and a sportsman in the afternoon, O’Neill was a dedicated angler, and would often join George Boll and other locals on fishing excursions to catch red fish, trout, tarpon, mackerel and sharks. Sea Island’s offerings of catamarans, sea-kayaks and fishing charters allows guests to explore Georgia’s coastal waters in the footsteps of the dramatist. While the cottage is outfitted with light tackle appropriate for surf fishing, booking a charter through Sea Island is the choice way for wetting one’s hook. The following list identifies the optimal season for popular varietals for both sport and eating.

Trout & Redfish
(Year Round / Mid-October for the Big Reds)
Trout Fishing off the Beach of Cumberland
Tarpon Fishing
(June thru September)
(Year Round)
(Mid-March thru July)
• Bottom Fishing for Sheepshead
(February thru April)
• Shark Fishing
(April thru October)
• Spanish Mackerel

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