The playwright’s bedroom and writing chamber make up the patriarch wing of the second floor. The prized room of the home, O’Neill’s study, is modeled after the captain’s quarters of a galleon, complete with a spiral staircase leading to a crow’s nest that overlooks the glistening sea. His original writing desk that remains in front of the window bed is where the playwright penned Ah, Wilderness! and Days Without End as well as the scenarios for his unfinished, grand opus: a cycle of 11 plays entitled “A Tale of Possessors Self-Dispossessed” which included A Touch of the Poet and More Stately Mansions.

A room for the literati and just plain curious, O’Neill’s study treats guests to over 1,000 titles ranging from the dramatic arts and classical literature to art-house publications and antiquarian collectibles. Some of the handpicked selections are rare source material that inspired the author’s writing at different stages of his career. Featuring a complete collection of the dramatist’s work, a variety of his plays are available in multiple editions inviting guests to stage impromptu theatre.

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