Awake to grey skies.
During the morning more rain and thunder! June 1st in the sunny South!!!
About 3 P.M. Gene takes a swim – and goes out in his kyak. I lie in a hot herb bath and then dress “royally” for dinner!!

Charming letter from Mme. Lenormand who is still in New York en route to Paris.

Type a letter to Pace for Gene re clipper models!

Frogs screaming their heads off!



A very hot day with high, damp, sea breeze.
Gene works and swims – lunches, reads papers and mail. (gives me everything that needs answering.) We swim before dinner. The tide is abnormally high. Gene rests on the waves, dives through them – makes his body a surf board!
How I envy him – his joy of the sea. I have never seen a more beautiful or graceful swimmer!

Letter from pappa.
Carl sends pack of postcards of photographs he took here.

Hot sticky night.