“Mourning Becomes Electra” Opens

We go to the theatre about 11 A.M. to see Chalmer’s make-up – to Bookshop for books – send flowers to Nazimora, Brady, and Arbenz. Home and luncheon. Everybody we know and some we don’t – send wires and phone. Play begins at 4 P.M. (for press) 5 other performances.
Gene and I go through agony.
Gene takes bromide.
It was a terrific success!
I wept like a fool!


Play gets extraordinarily fine notices from all of them!
Gene and I shaky but happy.
More and more telegrams and letters
We do not seem able to relax.


Interview chauffer – McBride – for trip South.
Gene going over his old diaries – recopying what he now wishes to be kept.
Do we ever really change?


Leave Charleston about 9.30
Lunch Savannah at Hotel de Soto.
Charming dining room, good food, and dear old coloured waiters.
Arrive Sea Island 4 –
Go to Cloister – Mr. Pancoast and Mr. Boll take us to Cottage. McBride gets place in Brunswick. We dine at another cottage. Comfy and quiet.


“Vera” comes to make coffee at 8.30. Gene goes for a swim. (We are right on the
beach) – I sit on the beach with him in the sun – luncheon. Boll drives us to Yacht Club, Golf Club, ruins of Old Plantation, charming old grave yard – the church not so old – home to tea – walk on the beach.
Dinner – read – to bed.
Pours rain all night
S. California beats Notre Dame
Yale beats Harvard.


Chat with Abreu (the Architect) about building here – (I am right in it!) and ask what can and can not be done here. After lunch Boll shows us “lots.” I suggest it would be wiser to rent a place first – to see if we like it – Oh, “no – no – what more could I want”!? Then I said – “We have just taken an apartment in New York that has cost quite a bit of money to do up and we have it for 3 years at over $7000.00 a year”! “In depression Times”? “Don’t you want a home of your own”? “Of course I do”! Etc. – Etc. – Etc.

I went to look at lots.

Terribly foggy afternoon. I sit with pencil and paper making notes – for I know what should go with palms, ocean and sand – The trouble with me is – I am good at making homes (if I do say it!) but it is an awful job – but worth it, if you know what you want and get it!

Gene listens to football over the radio. Princeton 14 – Yale 51

Tell Abreu what I want! And he, being Spanish, loves it - austere Spanish house – thick brick walls painted white outside and inside – cloisters – gothic shaped doors, arches, tiled roof and floors (imported old tiles) – etc. etc