Have my coffee at 7.30 and Gene comes in begging for some. I rise have hot coffee and pull myself together – go to my office and write letters. Gene rises about 11.30 ----- He is feeling low – tummy upset. He has coffee – then hot milk – and at tea time milk toast. Rest a bit after luncheon.
Grey, dampish day - 50° Whole country freezing in ice – snow and wind.

Hope this New Year gives us less worry and tension – and good health! Please god.


Blemie wakes me at abut 8.15 after only three hours sleep! I look after Gene’s wants and work in my office all morning on “failing” – Gene rises late and thinks of a sequel to “Ah, Wilderness”! After luncheon a siesta -
Foggy grey day – unpleasant wind towards night.


Another foggy, grey day. All morning in my office still going over yearly expenditure. After luncheon we motor to Brunswick. Gene and Saxe walk after tea. Gene’s eye is better.

Kept awake for hours by the Lambert’s “Scottie” barking – he evidently had treed a ‘possum!


Beautiful day – rise early and wash my hair – go to Cloister early for a cut and wave.
Gene breakfasts at 9.30 and works! Saxe correcting “proofs” for Random House. After luncheon we walk on beach. Tea, read, batch, dress, dinner (a good one!) and play Rummy!

Mrs. Clifton leaves me a cake and a camillia! A charming gesture from a gallant old lady!

Gene seems a bit better. Still at my accounts!


Nice morning – sun and cool air. Attend to Gene’s things and work in my office all morning. Gene works – Saxe on beach – luncheon – I take a siesta. Freeman drives Gene and Saxe to “Sumatra” – they bring home some “ticks”! Tea, read, listen to radio.

This Hauptmann thing is becoming a political hodge-podge. It is disgusting the way Gov. Hoffman of New Jersey is fighting for publicity!

Dine and play Rummy.
Saxe 44


01.15.1936 -- 1929 – Port Said
Rains all day – clears about tea time.
Gene makes up his mind that it is essential to go to New York to have his teeth pulled. I agree – although having to go at the moment is bad luck.
I begin to make arrangements for packing and for the servants here.
Boll to dinner.

Seven years ago to—night Gene and I were at Port Said!


Fog in patches. I am very busy finishing tying up loose ends. Gene works in the morning – after luncheon gives me oddments to put in his bags. Exercises on beach.
Boll to dinner. (Edna feeds us well) Play amusing records. Leave at 9.30 P.M. for Nahunta (57 miles) for train to New York at 11.05 PM. Gene hums O’Keefe songs all the way! We have no fog, thank God and are in the last car of the last section!


An exhausted after a beastly night! The road bed is so bad that an attempt at speed only bounces us about in our beds. Call Gene at 10 A.M. when I have his coffee at hand. We dress – Lunch on ham and eggs in our drawing-room. Gene suffers from nausea. The Carolinas give us rain. Penn and New Jersey snow! We arrive in New York at 6 P.M. to find it has been snowing for 18 hours! I love it! We receive a really charming welcome from Manager to Chef at the Madison. Have lovely rooms. Busy unpacking bags and all furs from Revillon. Gene gives me a grand dinner with excellent Chablis. Bath and to bed! Sleep!


Rise as usual. Call Gene at 9.30 – he breakfasts and works until 2 P.M. then lunches – and then works until dinner! Madden sends me lovely flowers and a “limerick” – letter from Boll.
Read – have a nice dinner – talk of work – love – live and then read – retire early.

Did a lot of work for Gene to-day, which pleased me! I loathed not being “on-deck” for Gene!


Awake and feeling worse. As the day goes I develop a tight hacking cough that makes my head ache. Gene coughs in the morning. I continue his inhalations and he seems to cough less and feel a bit better. I loathe being ill.

When I go to bed take a huge glass of very hot water, rum, lemon and honey! God, how I sweat – but it does the trick!


What a day! But I am better! Up and bath and dress and attend to secretarial work for Gene. Streets again covered with ice and snow – H.W. comes to luncheon to go over income tax with Gene. (I eat liver for lunch and it upsets me! My poor tummy!) Madden home with a bad cold. Gene receives an enquiry from Hollywood re “The Straw” for Movies. Pray God it goes through!)


Rise very early. Call Gene at 9/30. Go over mail – answer letters – send cheques. Luncheon with Gene at 2/30.

Geo. Jean dines with us. I retire at midnight. Gene and Geo. Jean talk until 2 A.M.

Gene says again – how weary he is of the theatre in New York! Just a racket-entertainment! How he dreads ever producing anything with the Guild! No imagination – “just like selling socks and ties”! They don’t know what “theatre” really means – it isn’t a business – it is a creative art!


Temperature at zero – but clear with sun.
Gene sleeps until 1 P.M. I rise and phone pappa’s office – learn he is home in bed with a bad ankle. He fell and broke a small bone. I phone him and send him some roses and he sends me flowers!

Go to see Ernst to discuss taxes. Go back to hotel. Gene trying to pull himself together and drink some coffee! (I am sure now I know what is really causing all this strange behavior the past weeks!)


Rise as usual – feel very unhappy and discourage. Call Gene at 10.30 – and he sends me out for a walk! I go to see pappa – it is a bone in his hip that is broken. I don’t like that news one bit. He is so old to have that and be cured!
Go back to hotel. Gene’s tremor is so bad I arrange his hair and tie his tie! He goes to dentist and gets his “bridge”! He had reached the point where he doesn’t care whether I see him drink (whiskey, out of the bottle) or not.


I rise my usual hour – Gene drinking out of the bottle – even before his coffee (I am frantic with fear and heartache) and he looks dreadful!
We talk and I soon discover the ghastly state he’s in. He sends me to Draper to tell him (Draper) how bad off Gene is. Take him to dentist to see if his “bridge” is all right. Back to hotel and more drink. He says he won’t go to see Draper! So Draper comes to hotel and takes him to the Doctors Hospital “to get the whisky out of him”! I am a wreck and ill. Haven’t eaten all day and had no real rest for nights. Weeping and can’t stop. D. gives me a sleeping “dose”.


Am dead, because Draper’s medicine didn’t make me sleep at all! Draper phones me at 9. Gene had a beastly night – but his “tummy” is quiet again. Pack a bit. Call on pappa (he has 3 nurses and 2 doctors. I have talked with both of the latter) Go to the hospital – Gene’s eyes are again normal. He is weak, but eating I come back to hotel to get him books, glasses, and pajamas. And return to hospital with them. Then back to hotel. Send for the manager and ask as tactfully as possible, to get rid of all the empty and full whisky bottles I found in Gene’s bedroom, bath room and clothes closet!
Phone Gene at 7.
Change reservations to Sea Island for next Wednesday – wire Freeman change of plans.


Rise as usual. Work in my office all morning wjth my own mail and typing for Gene. We walk on beach before luncheon. Afterwards we read – Gene is so low. He tells me of the remorse he feels for his lapse in New York! Have headache and earache.
Dine and read.
When Gene goes to bed give him hot milk and sedative to help him sleep.


Another grey, dampish day.
Rise as usual.
Gene very nervous.
We walk before luncheon.
Letter from Fania and Betty – which I answer.
Road after luncheon. Cowman here to see about screening balcony and mending leaks in furnace room.

Hitler sends troops into Rhine Country! Germany jubilant. Poor France!


N.E. wind and sin. Rise as usual – go over mail. Write to Willie Maugham and Haxton! Walk with Gene before luncheon. Having a siesta after luncheon when Boll comes in and wakes me. He takes Gene for a drive in his new car – I prefer to remain at home and listen to Toscanini conduct Beethoven 9th Symphony.

After dinner give Gene calomel. We listen to European news – France in a fever about German troops in the Rhineland.

Gene talks of selling this place (if possible) and going to Tahiti!!


Horrid day of rain and wind. A good old Northeaster. Wash my hair. Working all morning in my office. After luncheon a siesta and read. And we both read after dinner. Wire from pappa. Nervous from the wind! So sleep in with Gene.
Box from Charles. Books arrive.

All Europe and U.S.A. seething with excitement over Hitler’s sending troops into the Rhineland. Surely, this sort of thing must lead to War!!


A grey, disagreeable day of mists and showers. Gene complains of “tremor” in his entire arm – and of being unable to write with it! We go to Brunswick after luncheon for vegetables and fruit.
Read – listen to European news over Scott – dine and read.


Brisk wind S.W. to N.W. but sunshine. Working all morning typing for Gene. Walk with Gene on beach before luncheon. Afterwards rest a bit – tea – and make an inspection of the garden. Gene and I decide not to pay off mortgage, as planned, in May. As we hope to sell this place when he finishes the Cycle! Write to Pell about investing the securities we were to sell to pay the mortgage.

Phone Scarlett (Brunswick) for an appointment to-morrow.


Sunshine – but strong S.W. wind. Rise early and call Gene at 8.30 – Go to Brunswick and call on Mr. Scarlett re getting mortgage interest lowered. Succeed! Home and walk with Gene on beach. Wind and sand very disagreeable. Lunch, siesta, write letters – tea – and Gene and I do some pruning in the garden. Just before dinner Geo Middleton phones from Brunswick. He comes over after dinner and talks until after 11 P.M.

About 18 cottages burn on St. Simon’s island.


Nice sunshine and cool, brisk wind. Gene rises at 8 A.M – works until 1.30. We lunch and read papers and then work in the garden all afternoon. Bath and dress for dinner and read.
Wire from Terry Helburn from Everglades “may Maurice Wertheim come, also, this week-end?” (Strangely enough, his ex-brother-in-law Morganthau is on the island now)
Letters from Cyn and Betty.
I write Shane.


03.21.1936 (Sun)
Blue sky – but high wind.
Maurice and Terry rise late. We go on the beach – sit in sin – lunch talk of what a real theatre should be!! And could be! Maurice naps. Gene and Terry walk, Tea, we take a drive – dine – and they leave at 9.30 P.M. for Nahunta – to take the train for New York. A pleasant visit! Maurice charming! And Terry a dear person – always!


A nice day but overcast. Gene works until 1.30 and then lunches – reads the papers and works in the garden until 6 P.M. In the morning I go to Brunswick for usual shopping and then work in my office.
Baumgardner comes up to see the garden and is amazed to see what Gene has done! Gardeners here have little of no knowledge if how to prune or why! And no idea at all of “shapes” and “forms”!
All the shrubs are shouting “spring”!


A day of fog – covered sun – very warm when fog lifts. Gene rises at 8. Works until 1 P.M. – swims – we lunch in patio – siesta.

Fruit juice and works in garden.

I shop in Brunswick – work in my office and go to beach with Gene when he swims – then we lunch.

Receive wire from Cyn – that her divorce has been granted!
Poor child!


A grey cloudy but warm day. Gene works until 1.30 P.M. Lunches – reads papers, and works again – and after tea, works in garden until dinner. I am hard at work all morning in my office. Send Cyn a box of “woolens” and “silks” and a velvet negligee! (all from Europe!)

Gene reads a book, “You must eat Meat” and maps out a diet!!!?


A day of dark skies, wind, thunder and rain. We hear a bad tornado has been in Alabama, South Carolina and parts of Georgia, causing deaths and destruction!! Gene and I start the “Salisberry” diet, he has mapped out. By dinner, he calls it off!!! (Thank God!)
Gene works morning and afternoon.

The Hauptmann Case has become a vulgar, ridiculous political circus! Shocking! A cool clear night with silver twinkling stars.


Cold day. Gene rises 7/30 – works until 1 P.M. takes a walk until 1.30 and lunches – reads mail and papers and works in garden until 6 P.M.
I rise 7/30 have to go to Brunswick to buy fruit, vegetables and crab meat.
Boll calls - we lunch. I rest a bit and join Gene to work in the garden. Letters from Maurice Wertheim, Russel and Geo. Jean.
After dinner we hear commentator speak of Hauptmann from 8 until 8.55 A.M. when he tells us Hauptmann is executed! “Like an O’Neill Play”, he adds – this was Gabriel.


A little warmer – but cool wind. Another tornado in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Mississippi. Death and destruction!
Gene works but does not feel well! His “tummy” upset luncheon. I work on my filing cabinet - for hours – destroying and arranging papers. Gene works on his “working” diary 0 in the afternoon. He feels a wee bit better – after dinner.

Grease trap again out of order! All new pipes must again be laid! Garden torn up! This was done only 12 months ago.


Go to Brunswick to shop – (so hot and sultry feel faint!) Buy Buy onions, tomatoes, crabmeat, etc. etc. – return home as soon as possible Gene works as usual and swims – and we have luncheon together. Go over mail and look over papers. Men digging up grease-trap – pipes – filthy, smelly mess, and expensive – As our altitude here is but 19 inches one must expect things of this sort, I suppose.
Sophus Keith Winther sends us his book on Gene!?

Temperature drops.
Gene feels a bit better.


04.12.1936 “Easter”
A lovely day. Gene works until 1 P.M. (I work in my office) Gene swims and suns himself. I lie in sun! Shower and lunch at 2/30 – siesta.
Gene goes over better to S. Howard re newspaper strikers in Milwakee.
Boll calls and remains to dinner. Benny burlesques “Ah, Wilderness” on radio – not funny – silly!
We play “Rummy”
Gene fit. Cool night – bright stars!


Very warm day - 84° on my balcony in the shade.
Gene rises 7.30 and works until 1 P.M. and swims. I am still going through trunks, closets and drawers to find Gene’s winter things that need putting away for the summer.
We lunch at 2 – and rest – dress and go to Hamilton Plantation to tea with Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lewis. They are charming. Mr. Lewis takes us to see Hawkins Island (with the idea of us buying it!!!!!)
Do not get home until 7/30.
Dine and red.
Cable from Bright – Gate theatre wants to do “Ah, Wilderness” in London.


A day of sunshine – but a dampish N.E. wind. Gene rises at 7.30 – and works until 2 P.M. Lunches and reads mail and papers.
I am working all morning in my office. Rest before tea. We dine and read – and then Gene and I sit out in the garden in the moonlight. The stars are beautiful and the fire flies so brilliant. The Chuck-Will’s-widow calling!
Gene moves his chair close to mine – and takes my hand in his! We sit silently, at peace, listening to the night voices. He and I!


Warm lovely day. Still brisk breeze from the N.E.
Gene works until 1.30 and then swims. I work in my office all morning. We lunch at 2.30 P.M. We listen to concert over our “Scott” and then the “Kentucky Derby” I bet with Gene and, as usual, loose my money!
Dine – read – and then go to patio with Gene while he catches toads and puts them on the outside of the patio wall! They sit around the pool at night and “trill” and we can’t sleep.
A perfect moonlight night.
(Gene didn’t complain of his “tummy” to-night)


Sun very warm, stiff breeze – 76° on my balcony at 5 P.M. Gene works until 1.30 P.M. and then swims. We lunch very late. I am busy all morning going over monthly bills and paying house cheques. Read – dine and read. Again, Gene in the patio putting “singing” toads outside the wall!
Letter from Ilka – she has had her appendix and one ovary removed!!

A real summer day. Work in my office all morning. Gene works until 1.30 – and then swims. Luncheon at 2.30.

We dine at the Hamilton Plantation and chat until 11.30.

Divine moonlight night. Ask Freeman to drive very slowly going home – we sit silently in the car letting the beauty of it all sink in!


Cooler day – warm sun – cool wind. Work in my office all morning. Gene works until 1.45 P.M. and then swims. He lunches at 2.45 P.M. We find one of our wee turtles across the street! Start trimming the logustrum hedges!
We have tea in the garden and work late.
Our hands and arms feel paralyzed from using the clippers – Logustrim is stiff and tough to cut!

Italians in Addis Ababa.
Emperor and family flee to Palestine!


A day of grey skies and wet breeze – hotter towards evening! In my office all morning. Letter from H.W. and Madden. We hear that “Ah, Wilderness” has been well received in London.
Gene works until 1.30. We have luncheon – read papers and mail – siesta.

Look over garden – dress – dine – read.
Gene does his “High Pines” sketch and discusses with me “Greed of the Weak”!


One of those damp warm days – furniture and books suffer! Gene tells me a “business associate” is arriving, with his wife, on Friday (Langner).
Gene works until 1.30 and swims – then lunches – reads the papers (and “Jonesy” turns up to cut his hair) and works in the garden. I do a lot of typing for Gene. We are giving the downstairs a thorough going over.
Gene and I very weary – retire early.

We have radishes and blackberries from our garden!


A warm but pleasant day. Gene works – swims and then lunches at 3 P.M.
I am slaving away all morning for Gene and household and then wash all my Dutch grandmother;s old glass and china. Lovely things! Wire from Carl he wants to come too - with Fania! Four guests at the same time! With my simple housekeeping. Gene receives a pair of evening shoes from his bootmaker in London - $9.00 duty!!

We dine and read. We are both dreading the 4 guests!


Warm day with pleasant breeze. Gene works until 1.30 and then swims. I work in my office and help maids to arrange guest-rooms and baths. Write menus and explain about breakfast trays!
Lunch with Gene at 3 P.M. Pay bills – put away things that have just arrived. Bath – dress and dine. We both feel physically tired so retire early.

Bob Sherwood writes a charming letter.

05.15.1936 Rise very early. Gene works. Freeman goes to Nahunta to met Mr. and Mr. Langner and Carl and Fania. They arrive and swim with Gene before luncheon. After luncheon, Gene and Langner discuss “theatre” – Fania and Mrs L. go to the beach and sun themselves. Carl asks me to go with him – he takes innumerable photographs – dress – dine and talk for hours “of” things and “about people! True or false doesn’t matter – Mr. L. knows all about everybody in the news! Gene and I often wonder what he sys about us!
Carl brings me photographs he took of Gene and me in New York. He is most generous.


Beautiful day – warm sun and fresh breeze.
Gene works. I work in my office. We lunch at 2.30 P.M. Carl goes with Freeman to photograph the old graveyard and the “jungle” – the personnel and all of us! Then lies on the beach and gets sunburned!
(I have filled the cloister with white geraniums in white porcelain pots – it is quite lovely.) Fruit juice – bath – dress and dine. Carl’s sunburn is bad!
Much talk on the education of children! This amused me, no end – considering everything!


Another beautiful day. Gene works until 2.30 P.M. then swims with his guests. Carl and Freeman go off to get more photographs. A gret deal more talk of everything.
Cold supper at 6 P.M. Then Freeman takes Carl and the two Langners to Nahunta to get the train to New York. Fania remains with us. We three are exhausted – retire at 8.30 P.M.

Freeman told me that Mr. VV. nearly caused him to have a heart attack! Mr. VV. insisted upon walking in places that were alive with rattle snakes – the worst kind!


Lovely day, warm and a stiff breeze. Gene works as usual – lunches – and reads – does not feel well. His “tummy” is upset – he is nervous – also fussed about the scene he is now working on – (I think he became over-tired from the confusion and endless talk by Mr. L. – confusion causes exhaustion and that always causes physical upset which upsets his working!)
We receive a letter from Shane. I wire asking him (Shane) to stop off for a day or so en route to New Jersey. Gene says I should not have done this! (I thought he’d be pleased with my doing this) Dine and read. Feel nervous.
Fania seems happy.
Letter from Geo. Jean.
Estes kills 2 large rattlers in the garden!


Warm day in sun. Gene rises at 7.30 – works swims – lunches. He tells me he may have to re-do this entire play as its accents are wrong!! I work all morning in my office typing! Letter from Sophus Winther – asking permission to dedicate his last book to me!
Letter from H.W. he can arrange to arrive here the 17th or 18th inst!?! Gene works in the garden after tea until dinner – am with him for a bit – pick 47 gardenias – they are so beautiful!

A beautiful golden full moon – we sit out on my balcony.


Warm day in the sun.
Gene works outlining another play. He says there to be nine now in the Cycle!
Geo. Jean reads the papers – goes to beach, suns himself and swims. Gene works and swims. I work in my office making up menus and typing for Gene. We lunch at 1.30 – Chat – rest – and have tea – read – bath – dress and dine. Boll to dinner – takes us for a drive afterwards.

Thunder, rain, storm at 2 A.M.


Sun very warm. Gene works and swims. Geo. Jean down on the beach. Freeman put up a beach umbrella for him. I am busy in my office. After luncheon try to rest, sultry, thundering all about us – tea – we chat – a long discussion about the real meaning of “dignity” and “conservative”! Very interesting – inspect the gardens – bath, dress and dine – Gene gives us a Victrola Concert – and we listen to short-wave news from France and England.


Gene rises 7.30 – works, swims, and lunches at 2.30. Geo. Jean goes to beach about 10.00 A.M. and lunches with Boll at the hotel at 1 P.M. – I have to go to Brunswick for household shopping and then work in my office.
Gene swims again before dinner.
Dress – dine – and discuss politics – the meaning and use of aristocracy – culture – what effect has “mob” rule had on Western civilization? This goes on and on – finally we three have a good laugh and go to bed.


Very warm – Gene works and swims with Geo. Jean. I am busy all morning in my office – we all lunch together.
After luncheon siesta.
Geo. Jean goes for a long walk – Gene swims before dinner. After dinner we motor to Brunswick – look over and buy innumerable magazines – mostly trash.
Receive large package of photographs (from Carl) of Casa Genotta, us, Edna, Freeman, St. Simon’s graveyard, etc. all are marvellous.

Gene’s work still seems to be in a muddle!


A very hot day with high, damp, sea breeze.
Gene works and swims – lunches, reads papers and mail. (gives me everything that needs answering.) We swim before dinner. The tide is abnormally high. Gene rests on the waves, dives through them – makes his body a surf board!
How I envy him – his joy of the sea. I have never seen a more beautiful or graceful swimmer!

Letter from pappa.
Carl sends pack of postcards of photographs he took here.

Hot sticky night.


A scorching hot day. Gene works – lunches – reads papers siesta – we swim late – dress – dine and listen to European music over short wave.
Gene’s “tummy” better.
Continuing snack at 11

I work all morning. Type a letter to Deeter for Gene.

Gene talsk to me, at great length, of his work – his health – all his worries and responsibilities!
I don’t know how or why – but we do keep on – slaving away day after day no matter what! And we work together! Our deep and understanding love must give us the strength to do this!


Terribly hot day. Gene works. I work typing. We have luncheon – go over mail and papers try to rest a bit – sticky hot! Tea – read – dress and dine.
H.W. arrives at Thalmann at 8.09 – Freeman meets him in the car.
A moon – stars – stillness even the birds seem silenced by the heat!


Another scorching day.
Gene works, lunches, talks to H.W. – tea.
(I am working in my office going over monthly accounts and making out cheques) we three swim before dinner, dress, dine, and try to find a cool place to sit!

A breathless night – full moon. Gene fussed about alimony – tells H.W. he thinks it unjust and unfair considering what he makes – the state of his health – and that he lost 5/8’s of all he made in “Interlude” during the Depression. He considers the burden unbearable.


H.W. leaves at nine for Thalmann to return to New York – Hot! Gene works – lunches – reads – naps – swims with me - dress
Boll to dinner – we chat. Carl sends me the last of the Sea Island series.
They are marvellous.
Those of Blemie are charming. Those of Gene and me aren’t bad. I write to Carl and Fania. Try to thank Carl!

A fill moon – a brisk, humid sea breeze.


The day a bit warmer. Gene works until about quarter to one – reads the papers – we lunch and go up on my balcony. Gene comes up and we have a long talk. Gene needs interest in something outside his work – change. We must sell this place (to cut our expenses and leave us free for something Gene would like) and start out again!
We swim – dress – dine. Boll to dinner – his eyes are bad – his mood is low.

A warm night but the stars are beautiful.


Very warm day.
Gene works. I write letters and type all morning. We lunch at 1.30 – and then go with Boll to Brunswick to see W.C. Fields in a very amusing picture, then home via the Golf Club for tea – swim – dine and read.

Letters from Mother – she has motored on a beautiful new “Coastal Highway” from San Francisco to Vancouver!


Another warm day – humid. Thunder storms – all about us! Gene works. I work all morning, we lunch – read – and then we talk seriously of selling this (lovely) house. Gene suggests “London”? – The “North-West”? We swim – dress – dine. Gene enjoys reading Huxley’s “Eyeless in Gaza” as much as I did. Letter from Cyn – she says she will do all the necessary to get into college!?

A damp, warm night.
Frogs are “barking”

Write to London, Paris, and “The Lowell” for prices!


Hot and oppressive.
Gene rises an hour later – works – but stops early on account of thunder and humidity. It pours rain. We lunch – read – Gene swims – about 5 P.M. – Dine and read.

I type a letter to John Pell asking him to sell securities for Gene so he will have the money for extra alimony August 1st!!

Heavy rain storms during the night!

“Il pleure dans ma coeur
comme il pleut sur la ville.”


A warm humid day morning. Gene works.
Hear “Jonesy” (Gene’s little old barber) is very ill at the hospital in Brunswick – I search Brunswick for flowers – get the best I can and take them to the hospital for him. Freeman goes up to see him and says he is very ill.
Home lunch rest.
We hear Jonesy is dead. A shock. Freeman very upset.

Gene swims – we dress dine and read!

Feeling the head so much this year.


Temperature not too bad but the humidity is very trying. Gene works but feels “shot” – physically. Send off a batch of cheques – and going over the household books – Freeman’s book is always like a Chinese puzzle!)
After luncheon we read the “papers” and swim – Gene feels better. Boll to dine – we play Rummy.
Late European news re Spanish Revolution is not pretty. France, Germany, and Italy getting dangerously near War! The Fascist-Communist question.

Letter from pappa from Karlsbad – he sounds low in spirit.
What a world!


Very warm day – humidity high!
Gene works.
Very busy in my office.
Lunch – rest
Gene looks tired and complains of humidity.
I have a vomiting spell! We hear Olympic reports. Bath – dress – and we eat some soup for dinner!
Studying Chinese architecture and concrete houses!


Another hot day. Gene works. I work at my desk until about 12 have to stop – feel faint. We have lunch at 1.30 and go to Brunswick to see a picture! Fine aeroplane scenes – (we’ve never seen so many movies! This to try ad forget the heat!) Go to Everell’s to show the butcher how to cut a “rack” of lamb! I was more embarrassed than he was!
Home and swim with Gene – dress – dine – read – and retire early.


Another hot day. Gene works – I write letters. We lunch 1.30. We go with Boll to Brunswick and see a bad movie! Home – swim – dress – and dine. Gene and I have a wonderful evening discussing Strindberg as a writer and man! We both enjoy it!
A charming letter from “Jonesy’s” family thanking us for the flowers I took to “Jonesy” at the hospital! He rec’d them (and loved them!) a very short time before he died. Thank goodness I got here in time to give him that small pleasure!
An August night – humid – breathless – insects!


Hot and oppressive – Gene works. I am busy in my office. We lunch – hear thunder, lightening and rain.
We swim – dress – dine and read.
* Gene tells me that when the Cycle is finished – he would like to write an autobiography in the form of short stories – also a comedy of his father!

A lovable, kind comedy!


A hot morning. Gene works. I work in my office. About noon there is rain, thunder and lightning and it continues until about 5 P.M.! Then Gene swims. I phone and make an appointment with Dr. Grace to pull Blemie’s teeth!
We dine with Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Jones. They are to build a larger house 2 blocks from ours.

Gene gives me piles of typing to do for him.


Another warm, humid day. Gene works and swims before his luncheon at 2.30 P.M. I write letters all morning. Try to rest a bit after luncheon. “Floyd” comes from Brunswick to cut Gene’s and my hair. A good barber!
We dine – read.

The Spanish Civil war gets worse and worse – Danger of Italy stepping in to help the Rebels! Germany sitting back watching!

Cynthia “19” years old!


Wire from the Winthers – they are detained – hope to reach here to-morrow for dinner.
Gene works – I write letters and read 16 pages of “The Hair of the Dog” – it has an amazing smoothness – and interest so far. Gene swims before luncheon. I rest – We swim before dinner and play Rummy.

Another very hot day.


Very hot day.
90° on my balcony.
I read whole first act of “The Hair of the Dog” – grand characters.
Luncheon – Gene swims. Winthers arrive at 5.30 P.M. Get them settled in their rooms – bath and dress – we dine – chat and chat and chat


A miserable hot day.
92° on my balcony.
Gene works. I write a few letters – and play hostess to the Winthers. We have made up our minds to really try to sell this house – and go to live on the outskirts of Seattle!!? Gene takes cold shower before luncheon. Try to rest. We swim before dinner – sky is overcast – so cooler! We dine. Gene gives us a Concert after Sophus has read us a poem or two! A charming evening.


Another hot day.
Gene works. I write letters. Gene swims before luncheon.
After luncheon I leave Gene with the Winthers while I have a siesta. Later we all swim – dine – and talk.

We talk about living in the West – the Danish Colony in Eugene, Oregon.
Interesting and amusing.

A lovely full moon – hot – hot.


The Winthers leave at 8.30 A.M. for Seattle via Nebraska – by car!
Gene works.
I am busy in my office.
Luncheon – rest.
Gene and I talk of getting rid of this house. Bathe – dine – Shane arrives at about 8.30 P.M. He is as tall as Gene!
Is shy at first.

A long letter from Taylor re France and Spain – “woman emasculating priests – nuns being raped”! Mother of God – what is the human animal coming to?

Am very, very weary!


Not so terribly hot. Gene works. Shane goes down to pool at Casino. I talk to Boll about selling our house. Write letters. We lunch 1.30.
Read and lie on balcony – Shane and Gene swim before dinner. We play Rummy afterwards.

Beautiful full moon and stars – we sit on my balcony before going to bed. Gene talks of the Cycle – getting rid of this house and the responsibility of keeping it going! All homes are a responsibility. And, a home (as Gene likes it) will always cost money! What is really bad here is the climate!


A warm day. Gene works (I work in my office) – Gene swims before luncheon. Rest a bit. Boll brings Mr. and Mrs. King of Atlanta to go thro’ Casa Genotta.
Read – dine – and read
Feel nervous – Tired and depressed.

Pappa on the Queen Mary coming home. Wrote him a long letter about selling our house and why?


Gene works. I am busy writing endless for Gene and myself.
Boll calls and asks me for “plans”. We lunch. I take siesta. Boll calls to say “oil man” from Texas will look at house tomorrow. Gene and I swim before dinner – I feel so “gone” all day!
Reading Brook’s “Life of Emerson” enjoying it.

Find “plans” for Boll – (all this (altho’ a “must”) makes me sad! The “home” we talked so much about – that I worked so hard to create, build and run – Oh, well – c’est la vie!)


Another warm day. Gene works. I work in my office – and read Sc. II – Act I of “The Hair of the Dog” swum with Gene before lunch – we lunch late – wash my hari – we play organ music – Gilbert and Sullivan and de Falla’s “Love the Sorceress” on the phonograph. Dine – Gene practices on the mouth organ!! I am reading Van Wyck Brooks’ “The Flowering of New England” That was New England! Not as it is today!

A warm day. Gene works. I write letters. Hear from Cyn. Mother has sold her house?! We are joined at lunch by Boll. We go to Brunswick to see a picture – Bing Crosby is in it and sings. He has a wonderful personality.

Home – swim with Gene. Dine and read. Gene plays Canfield.

A sultry night.


Call Gene at 7.30 A.M. he works – comes down to my office about 11.30 and says “Its no good – I can’t work – I have a temperature and pains all over me! We had better go to New York so I can see Draper”!
I phone to New York and make an appointment with Draper for next Wednesday at 4 P.M. Begin to get things going so I can pack immediately. Wire for rooms at the Lowell – order railway tickets – drawing-room – write Revillon for fur coats, etc., to be at Lowell. After luncheon Gene listens to ball game. We dine and play Rummy. This terrible dampness continues – it is ghastly!


Not so warm – Gene sleeps until 11.30. I go to Brunswick and get a permanent wave. Home to luncheon. Gene listens to ball game over radio.
I pack all afternoon.
We dine and play cards.
Gene feels very seedy and looks it.
Tells me he had a temperature of 100° this afternoon. (This being away from proper medical care, with Gene, is maddening)
Please God, send someone to buy this house!


Finish packing – Go over important papers – give instructions in writing – weary unto death! We dine at 6 P.M. – leave at 7 for Nahunta – Take train for New York at 8.40 P.M.
We drink the hot cocoa I had brought along in the thermos.


Lugene for our new glasses. Go to Canadian Pacific for data – “Season” isn’t until Feb. March!
Geo Jean to tea.
Sophus wires he has furnished house for us in Seattle (outskirts, on the Sound) We reply if we can have it until Jan (1st) “Yes”!
We dine and read.


Finish packing – Send off boxes (trunks!) Send packages for us to Seattle. Talk with Crouse, Geo. Jean, and Mai-mai over phone. Pappa sends flowers and phones. Pay hotel bill – attend to all loose ends. Leave 5.30 P.M. grand Central on Twentieth Century Ltd. Excellent service – pleasant trip.


Arrive Chicago 9 A.M. – dull rainy day. Go to “Blackstone” Have second breakfast – bath, fuss about and lunch. I have not been here for 10 yrs. They have done marvellous things along the Lake front. Gene and I go to Field Museum – see Malvina Hoffman Sculpture – primitive – good African masks. We then take a drive – Gene asked to see the “Capone” section – we did! Back to hotel – tea – rest – dine. I repack bags – take Great Northern “Empire Builder” for Seattle – leaving Chicago at 11.05 P.M. Gene says that getting out of New York is – to him – like getting out of jail! He hates every foot of it and most people in it!
He looks and acts much better!


Nobel Prize!
Awake at 5 – listening to the fog horns. Sophus calls me a little after 7.30 to tell me the Associate press has verified that Gene has won the Nobel Prize!
The morning is a Bedlam! Associated Press, United Press and International News all call for interviews and photographs – head of the Swedish newspaper – man phones from N.Y. – San Francisco – wires from Geo. Jean, Crouse, Madden, H.W., Cerf, Shane – radio man furious because Gene won’t speak over radio! We are both worn out. It isn’t easy to protect Gene from all these people! Let down at teat time. Sophus and Eline – a friend – to dinner. We chat late – and have a pleasant evening. All of us dead weary. When we start upstairs, Gene takes me in his arms and says, “Don’t forget how much I love you”! I thought that wonderful of him considering all the excitement!