01.26.1937 (San Francisco)
Gene’s 98° -- he has pain in his back – has special “heat” for it – rectal irrigation – sun ray treatment – and had Trout cut his hair – a nervous day

(We receive wire from Boll that Cluett will buy Casa Genotta for $75,000.00) and “lots” across the street for $6,000.00)

Mother calls to bring Gene some of Polly’s soup


Gene sleeps late – his tem. 98°

He has bad night – very nervous – pain in his prostate – walks the floor! Little sleep.

Wire from Boll says “Casa Genotta” is sold. (I won’t believe that until I have the money in my bank.)

I will have to go to Sea Island! Merciful God – hoe I dread even the thought of it!


Change Gene into my room which is larger and better. He re-commences rectal irrigations – his tem. 98°
Flowers from Mrs. Dukes. Letter from Boll re sale to Cluett – saying Apr. 1st to be date of occupancy.
Write to Boll to change this to March 1st

Worried about Gene – he is so very nervous and not eating. I get in at “state” because A.M.S. has spoken to mother re Gene’s illness and said “she (me) is in for years of it”! I don’t think he should have said that!

Gene had a bad morning – coughing, sneezing and a pain in his back.

Make up my mind to leave tonight for New York - must get things done and get back (God how I hate it!). Phone for tickets and accommodations. Talk with “Dukie,” with Reinle and the nurses. Go and say “good-bye” to mother and she gives me soup for Gene. Leaving Gene is hell – life seems so full of these heartaches for me. But some one has to look after Gene in many and various ways. I love him – so it is I whose pleasure and duty it is to protect and care for him. The train is lonely. I wept most of the night.


I have asked the nurses to keep (for me) each days’ report as the following: Gene’s tem 98° 2 rectal irrigations – 1 sun treatment – went for a walk with Kaye.


Dull, showery day. Go to bank to Cane (re ssale of Casa Genotta) – Manhattan Storage Co. Send Gene a wire – write him and phone him!
Geo. Jean phones – Many phones back and forth with Meier at Manhattan Storage – re sending me to Casa Genotta to pack and put things in storage here.
Mai-mai to dinner – poor child having a hard road to go – giver her a commission with $150.00 down – She weeps! She is so clever and charming! Feel chilly. Am not very strong yet.


Gene’s Tem 98° - 2 rectal irrigations went with Kaye to visit Mrs. Taasing – went for walk with Edie – C. phoned from new York – 7.05 P.M. Patient feeling much better

02.10.1937 Damp grey day. The journey nerve racking. Arrive Nanhunta 7.10 P.M. Freeman there with car, rugs, coffee and a telegram from Gene – a marvellous telegram!! I stop at Brunswick to send a wire to him. On to Casa Genotta – house shining with cleanliness. My! What a lovely house it is! Blemie so happy to see me – looking for Gene! Find red roses for me from Gene! (He had Boll get them for me!)
I go t o Gene’s room and weep like a fool!! My being here alone to sell our home!


Gene;s tem 98° - 2 rectal irrigations – played cards with Kaye and Edie – wire and letter from C.

02.11.1937 Mr. and Mrs. George Cluett come up and we discuss their buying Casa Genotta – etc. – I tell Mr. Cluett to tell me of any “pieces” he would like to buy!
Cyn and her husband arrive from Jacksonville – (from California)
We begin going over things. Write and wire to Gene.

Letter from him – enclosing a beautiful sonnet!


Mr. and Mrs. Cluett call and suggest we come to some agreement by which they can buy most of our antiques! They seem to want it all – including Gene’s beautiful clipper models – pictures, etc. etc.
Call Boll and talk with him. Then phone Gene – but the connection is so bad we can’t hear each other! (Everybody in Georgia listening in!) – This upsets Gene and causes a nerve crise! We start sending wires back and forth until everything is so confused things become most difficult!
Finally give up and go to bed without dinner. Lie in bed making lists (in my head) and prices.


Mr. Cluett comes up again and we get down to business. I am to talk all books, china, glass, silver, African masks and drum, 3 large 18th century Chinese lacquer cabinets, 3 Chinese rugs, 3 Chinese pictures, linen, some bibelots and leave our beautiful furniture – all for $5,500.00 If I took it – the packing, carting, etc. from here to new York and from N.Y. to California would be very costly – and could we use those very beautiful things in another house? They are getting an unheard of bargain – and I am saved extra money and worry. Give parakeets to Mrs. Cowman. Other birds to Mrs. Heinrich.
Worried by Gene’s wires – wire him and Edie. Of course “Rosie” is being taken for Gene.
A cold, nasty, rainy day.


A better day. Receive 2 letters from Edie and one from Kay. Valentines from Kaye and Fania! Also a reassuring wire from Gene. Heinrich, his wife and daughter come to say good bye – give them wine with the birds. Am working all day writing cheques, letters and going over accounts for Gene and me – necessary for income tax returns. Cyn is very strange – not at all as she was?! No doubt the present influence! Oh – dear! Now must pack (with Janet) 11 trunks of Gene’s clothes, shoes, etc. etc. and mine pack and lock 6 filing cabinets (Gene’s and mine) .


At 9.30 Freeman goes to Thalmann to meet the “packers” from the Manhattan Storage in New York. They came here directly and began packing books in Gene’s study. We all work very hard. Lincoln taken to Brunswick to be conditioned for the trip West. Buick having breaks relined. (Gene not so well – fussed about “Rosie” etc)
Letters from Kaye and Edie – re Gene – wire from him.
Blemie and I are both very nervous.
Dear old Harrison comes to say “good bye” – also old black “July” – Bless them!


All working very hard. Books all packed – also 2/3 of pictures, linen, and odd boxes. Mr. and Mrs. Cluett call and give me cheque for $5,500.00! for furniture and are most charming. Mr. Hall calls to say “good bye” – and Mr. Cowman. Receive a long and charming wire from Gene!


Gene turned a muscle in his back at the hospital!


Much colder – Janet and I slaving at trunks. The van arrives from New York – but must wait to-morrow. Boll calls to explain business. Is self-conscious!
We all work like Trojans – and are dead by nightfall. Charming wire from Gene. Cyn seems to be pulling herself together.
Have a bad night.


The Swedish Consul had run Gene to earth at the Merritt Hospital – and presents the Nobel Prize medal “diploma” to him.


Up at 7 – van here – packers hurrying along to get through. Cluett arrives about 11.30 – looks things over – when he see all our books gone and our personal bibelots, his heart breaks! He goes home and gets Boll and sends him here – much chat. I am upset – he is upset – ask them to please tell me do they want things or not – as I will keep packers and send everything to New York. Much chat between Boll and Cluett. I give Mrs. Cluett my cheque for $5,500.00 for the amount she had given me! Am terribly upset by all this unnecessary New England bargaining! Packers finish – van leaves 3.30 P.M. Freeman takes packers to train – for New York. Cleaning of house begin. I am exhausted. Trying to get a drawing-room on tomorrows train. Wonderful letter from Gene. That helps a lot. Wire from Gene. Boll a very bad business man! Janet and I are dead.


Mr. and Mrs. Cluett call about 9 A.M. She is a gentlewoman – he made his money selling collars! Oh, I suppose he has good qualities – “She” married him!
Am busy with last minute bills and cheques – setting up everything. Thanking trades people and seeing Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Jones. Freeman and I get back from all this at 5.30. I have some fruit juice – give Edna last minute instructions – and Janet and I start off with numerous bundles and bags for Nahunta and New York. Cyn and her husband drive the Lincoln and Freeman the Buick with Blemie to the Golden West!
Train cots – filthy – bumpy and jerky. Thank god this is my last journey on this line!

The cheque for $5,500.00 was returned to me and Cluett got the biggest bargain of his life in furniture.