Lovely day – Gene works – swims – lunches at 3 reads – works in garden! (Have taught Gene to prune all manner of things and how to cut certain shrubs into certain shapes! And he is taking great interest in it!)

Gene sends cheque for portrait of Professor Baker at Yale – Vera out and Edna cooks dinner.

Letter from Cyn.

Dine and we read.

The living-room, with its white walls, looks so beautiful with so many of our flowers about. And they are so fragrant.



(Fri) Cold in the morning – warmer towards evening. Hahne and his brother come from Savannah and work all afternoon on the electric piano – now it plays again!?

Take photographs of Gene. Get all house mail out. Get woolen things out of trunks for Gene. Gene sleeps late, goes through his mail – and arranges his filing cabinet. Is very nervous. We have a good dinner. He plays the electric piano, it plays old dance tunes – he dances me gaily up and down the long hall with a “bunny-hug” and enjoys himself, no end! After this exercise he is hungry – so I go to the kitchen and cook bacon and eggs – it is midnight! he seems happier for a bit.